EP Review: Midcentury Llama – Midcentury Llama

Midcentury Llama are a rock band from Chicago in the USA who released a self-titled EP called Midcentury Llama earlier this year. I found myself rather intrigued by their music as it sounds so different from the norm, so I decided it would be a good chance to review the EP – find out how I got on below!

By Jane Howkins

The first song on the EP is Stranger which kicks thing off with a jazzy feel. The brass elements sound great and are a very welcome surprise in today’s modern world. The bass and guitar make the song sound very funky and I loved the mix of different genres present here – it should have you up and dancing straight away, making for a fantastic opening track!

Meet Your Ghost is up next – it still sounds fairly upbeat, but it has a slightly darker feel to it. This track felt a little more rocky than Stranger but the brass moments are still present and I loved the vocal harmonies, giving the song something of a 60s feel to it.

Oh Love has more of a classic rock and roll feel to in, in particular due to the rhythm of the track. The backing vocals sound like something out of a doo wop song and I really enjoyed the 50s/60s feel of the track. I’ve got a massive soft spot for music from those decades and it’s truly fantastic to hear a band performing that type of music again.

Layla continues the 50s/60s themes from the previous track, featuring vocal harmonies that The Beach Boys would envy and some fantastic guitar melodies. There’s a real groove to proceedings and I really enjoyed the drum rhythms as well as the guitar melodies – lots of good stuff here!

Look To You brings the funky moments back, with a cool saxophone melody running alongside the vocals. This song has a faster rhythm and tempo to it (in part due to the percussion) and it really works – just try listening to it without wanting to tap your feet along!

Charlie From Chicago combines elements of all the previous tracks together, making for a fantastic overarching track. The main chord sequence is great and I loved the jazzy piano that runs underneath the verses – it’s one of my favourite songs on the entire EP.

I Get Confused is the final song – it has a slightly off kilter rhythm to it at times, mixing the tempo up slightly. It’s a rather catchy song, making for a good closing number.

Midcentury Llama is a great album and one that will appeal to fans of numerous different genres. It’s great to hear a band trying so many different things and I loved the vintage sounds present. If that sounds good, then make sure you check out their website and their socials below.