EP Review: Gushh – Come, Have A Look At The Stars

Come, Have A Look At The Stars is the curiously titled EP release from Gushh, a Bristol-based side project from musician Richard Stockley. The project is fairly new off the ground, making it sound all the more impressive how good the tracks on the EP are – Stockley is obviously very talented.

By Jane Howkins

The music on Come, Have A Look At The Stars crosses a variety of different genres (for example, post-rock, ambient, electronic, progressive rock), making it sound amazing. Opener For A Brief Moment starts things off nicely with a pretty electric guitar melody. This continues for a while until the song breaks down (the birdsong was a nice touch), before the tension ramps up into full on rock mode. It’s an impressive start for sure!

Drifting Through The Emptiness Of Space is the next song – interestingly, the track really suits the title, with the vibrating guitar strings and spoken word vocals giving it a spacey feel. The song is rather similar to the previous one in that it builds up over time into something much heavier, although the end of the song does bring the tempo down again once more.

Here We Are Still bucks the trend of the previous songs by staying fairly consistent throughout – the percussion does appear after a while but the song sounds more like an intermediary track, bridging the gap between the two different sides of the EP.

Tired, All The Time is the penultimate song and was one of my favourite tracks on offer here – the guitar playing is very impressive, showing Stockley’s technical skills off well. There is also a lot more going on in the background than it first appears, so make sure you listen to this track (in fact, all of the songs here) a few times over.

As Thoughts Float On By is the final song, having more of a straight up rock feel to it. The percussion kicks in instantly and the guitar melodies sound epic – it has a proggy vibe to it, but fans of normal rock music should find much to love here too.

Come, Have A Look At The Stars is a very interesting EP and one that fans of a broad range of genres should enjoy – Richard Stockley is obviously very talented as a musician and producer and it will be very interesting to see where he goes next. For now, check out his social media pages below.