EP Review: Lex Cole – One More Time

Lex Cole is a singer-songwriter originally from Yonkers (New York State) who is currently based in Los Angeles. Her music is rather poppy but still has a sense of individuality to it – Lex has been slowly building her musical profile and has recently released a new four-track EP titled One More Time – read on below to see what I thought of it!

By Jane Howkins

Sleepin In is the first song on the EP, instantly introducing us to Lex’s style. It’s a pop song with elements of dance music and reggae also present (particularly in the rhythm of the track). Lex has a great voice which suits the catchy style of the song – whilst it does sound quite mainstream pop at times, don’t let this put you off, as the music here is crafted extremely well and it’s very impressive to hear a singer-songwriter creating music by herself to this standard.

Sprung is up next, starting off with a slightly mellower feel to it. Lex’s vocals kick the song off alongside a catchy bass beat, with the song sounding much slower than Sleepin In. The tempo soon rises on the chorus though, with synths galore and a more upbeat percussive rhythm kicking in before the tempo drops again on the next verse. The change in dynamics helps to create more of an emotional feel to the track, making the listener pay attention more.

Walked Out also starts out slow, but it keeps the tempo low for the majority of the song. This track sounds more like a ballad and despite the quiet nature of the song, it has an r&b style swing to it on the chorus, giving it a vintage pop sound. Lex’s vocals really shine through on the chorus here, showing just how talented a singer she really is.

One More Time is the final song on the EP and is a little more mid-tempo than the previous track, bringing the speed up a little more. This song is classic r&b music through and through and the bass and percussion really help to add to this. The male vocals that harmonise with Lex’s vocals are a welcome surprise and there’s something rather sultry about the whole thing – it’s a welcome change in style.

One More Time is a great EP from an up and coming singer-songwriter and musician – these tracks will appeal more to those into their pop/r&b music but it’s great to hear a singer from these genres writing and creating their own music, especially doing it in such a successful way. Check out Lex Cole’s website and social media pages for more information.