EP Review: Simon Jela – Safe Place

Simon Jela is a 24 year old musician and singer-songwriter who released a new EP titled Safe Place back in October. I really liked his sound and I think it sounds very promising, so decided to do a review of the EP. Simon is influenced by rock music of all different eras but also has a poppy sound to his music, making for a nice overall mix.

By Jane Howkins

Imprudent Things is the first song on the EP and kicks things off nicely, with a slow acoustic guitar melody starting the track off. The track is quite slow at first but ramps up the tempo a little over the course of the music. The main chord sequence is fairly simple but has a catchy, nostalgic feel to it and Simon’s vocals are simply amazing. I also loved the way the chord sequence works with the rhythm of the song and it sounds really beautiful at times.

Safe Place is next up and has a slightly more up-tempo feel to it, sounding a little more positive. The lyrics make the track out to be a love song, with Simon crooning his way through the vocals in style. His voice truly soars on the chorus and the catchy nature of the track means it should get stuck in your head quite quickly.

Too Dark To See has quite a classic rock feel to it, although it’s more of a ballad than a straight up rock song. Simon’s vocals really shine here as the music is quite sparse, highlighting his vocal range more. The track has quite a sad feel to it and the guitar melodies are rather subtle, but this only makes the song sound even more beautiful.

Chances is possibly the heaviest song on the entire EP, kicking off with a heavy electric guitar riff and a rhythm that sounds like it could belong to an 80s classic rock song. The riffs continue through the verses in a more quiet fashion, before the tempo ramps up again on the chorus – I loved the dynamic changes on show here.

If It Was On Me is a slow ballad, being perhaps the softest song here. It closes the EP nicely with the opening acoustic guitar melody running throughout the song, giving it a haunting feel. The percussion is provided by a drum machine and suits the style of song well, Simon’s vocals are also stunning here.

Safe Place is a great EP release and one that shows Simon Jela to be capable of creating music for a number of different genres. Those into rock and pop of most styles should find something to love here – make sure you check out his website and socials below for more info!