EP Review: Kevan – Doors

Kevan is a musician and singer-songwriter from Italy who has gained a lot of traction in his home country recently, due to his epic music. He released a new EP this year, Doors, and I really enjoyed listening to it, so decided to give it a review!

By Jane Howkins

Kevan’s music is quite poppy and does have a bit of a mainstream feel to it, but it also sounds very well crafted, making it a lot different to most of the music you hear in the charts. This is his first EP release, making it sound even more impressive to my ears.

The first track is called Call Me, being one of my favourite songs on this EP. The track displays Kevan’s vocals off perfectly – he has a really strong voice and it works well with the music here. The track has a Latin taste to it, in part due to the flamenco style rhythm and the main melody, with it also having a noughties pop vibe. It’s also incredibly catchy too!

Dollars is the next song up, having more of a modern pop feel to it. This song is more straight up R&B than anything else and whilst there is a little bit of autotune present on the vocals (I actually preferred Kevan’s vocals on the previous song), it still works well. There’s something quite sultry about the song, and I can really imagine this being played in a dark nightclub.

Title track Doors is even more different still, sounding quite anthemic at times. The vocal effects and autotune are used to great effect here, with Kevan replicating his voice into some beautiful harmonies. It really does sound very unique, although it does have many of the modern pop hallmarks that we’ve come to expect from music like this, meaning pop fans will still find much to love here.

White Blankets is the final song on Doors, sounding a little like a mixture of the first two songs on the EP. It has an R&B vibe to it and sounds rather modern in that sense, but I also felt the rhythm and vocal lines also had a bit of a Latin feel to them, helping to mix things up a bit. The kick drums and rhythmic guitar melodies really help to set the scene here.

Doors is a great EP, especially for a newcomer to the scene. Kevan’s voice is particularly impressive and it’s great to see so many different styles being included within his music, meaning that there truly is something here for everyone! Make sure you check out his social media pages below to listen to the EP.