EP Review: Lost Club – Saudade

Saudade is a new EP release from Lost Club, the musical moniker of Nick Garcia. For those uninitiated to Lost Club’s music, it contains elements of dream pop, indie, rock, electro and post-punk, making for a gorgeous overall sound.

By Jane Howkins

Alone is the first track on this five song EP, kicking things off nicely with an upbeat rhythm, The guitar melodies stand out instantly and mix well with the bass rhythm underneath the music. The vocals have a dreamy quality to them – they sound a little quiet at first, before you realise how well they mix with the style of music.

The curiously titled Rubber is up next, with this song starting off with some synths that wouldn’t be amiss during the 80s. The guitar melodies and indie style kick in fairly quickly – the percussion also has a rather interesting style to it. The mix of genres contained on Rubber is incredible.

Holding On To You is the midway point on the EP – the synths sound really dreamy and make it seem like the perfect middle song for a collections of tracks like this. There’s a very relaxing feel to the music here – it has a more of a laid back feel to it than some of the other songs on offer on Saudade.

Stella has the most 80s sound to it, starting with a synth melody right out of that decade. It’s perhaps the slowest song here, but the tempo and bass give it a nice, dreamy feel. It sounds very introspective at times – the chorus lifts things up a little, but it never gets too fast.

Wash is the final song on the EP – it starts off really slow, with layers of synths giving the track an ethereal vibe. The tempo does pick up a little later when the guitar melodies kick in, but the slow rhythm continues later and makes it sound like the perfect closing song for this EP.

Saudade is a great EP for those into their dreampop and electronic music. 80s music has been having a bit of a resurgence over the last couple of years, so I’m confident that Lost Club will have no issues with building their career in this arena.