EP Review: Brandon Atlas – Ode To Atlas

Brandon Atlas is a producer and musician based in Los Angeles who released a new EP in November 2021, titled Ode To Atlas. Brandon has quite a unique sound to his music and I was very intrigued to hear more – check out the review below, and if you like what you read, make sure you listen to the EP.

By Jane Howkins

The first track is an intro song, titled Meow Meow Meow! (Intro), kicking things off in style. The music has an electro pop sound to it, but I also felt there was an industrial vibe, in part due to the backing effects, which are very innovative. His vocals are low and are spoken in nature, but this suits the music well.

Sex Gamble Dance is next up, following on from the themes in the intro. The song opens immediately with buzzsaw synth melodies, before the bass rhythm kicks in. There’s so much going on here (as with most of these songs) that you will have to listen to it through several times to fully be able to appreciate everything on offer.

Ready For The Fight sounds a little softer than the previous tunes, although it still has a great burst of energy to it. The bass is the real star of the show here, with it never letting up over the course of the song. Brandon’s vocals also shine through on this track.

Couture – Mt. Olympus Remix is one of the slowest songs on Ode To Atlas, but it’s still fairly high tempo. The bass has a really sexy feel to it, with the melody working its way into your head slowly over the course of the song. The breakdown is simply immense.

Life Of A Superstar kicks off with a pretty piano melody, being unlike anything else on this EP. Chugging guitar riffs set to a breakdown rhythm start the chorus off, before the bass and synths kick back in again, featuring an almost disco style feel. I loved the ominous atmosphere the track creates.

Needing Me starts off quite sparsely, displaying Brandon’s soft vocal style off to the world. The main melody sounds gorgeous and the music is rather subtle at times, mixing well with the vocals.

Needing Me – Slowed + Reverb is the final song on the EP, and as the title suggests, is a remixed version of the previous track. It’s slowed down and features some lovely synths in he background, alongside the main melody and vocals. It acts as a nice closer, proving some catharsis to the EP.

Ode To Atlas is a fascinating EP and provides a great look into the mind of Brandon Atlas. Those into their EDM & industrial music should check this out, as there really is something for everyone into those genres here.