Interview: Audri

Audri is a musician and singer-songwriter from Seattle in the USA who has recently released a new EP titled Swan Song, which we reviewed. I loved her sound so decided to have a chat – make sure you check the review out if you like what you read below!

By Jane Howkins

You recently released an EP titled Swan Song, which we reviewed. What can you tell us about the album and where can it be purchased?

My music is streaming on almost every streaming platform. You can buy the songs on iTunes, Amazon, etc. 

You’re based in Seattle. What is the music scene like in your part of the world at the moment?

Unfortunately, I released my self-produced music after the COVID lockdowns in Washington state (my first EP was released April 2nd, 2020). The music scene is mostly online for me right now. To get my music out there, I’ve been trying to utilise streaming and social media.  

What is the writing and recording process like for you?

For me, writing the music portion comes quickly and on the spot. Lyrics are the challenging part, I take my time writing lyrics. I want to make sure I’m fully conveying the story I’m trying to tell. 

Since I’m the producer and writer, the recording process is pretty smooth. I write the music and then send it to my super-talented bandmates, who arrange their parts. I add synths and round out the demo, then we go to the studio and perfect the parts. Before COVID, we met up to work on the demo in person for the first EP, AUD. Now, we just send files to one another. It works great. 

Have you started writing for your next EP/album yet? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Yes, I have! My bandmates and I are recording the next EP this February. I wanted to have a more themed EP for my next release, so I thought a summer release would be perfect. There will be three songs, like my last two releases, and they should be streaming in late spring/early summer. 

Do you plan to release any singles at any point in the near future?

The plan is to release new music on a consistent basis. There are a ton of songs I’ve written that I’m eager to record. As long as I have the funds, I can go on forever. 

Has the pandemic hindered your work much?

Honestly, I don’t know since I’ve only released music during the pandemic. It has probably hindered me in that it’s more difficult to meet industry people in person. Most of my business meetings and conversations are over video chat. 

Do you have any tour dates lined up? 

No, but I hope to one day! I’ve only opened for other artists at random events and performed at local festivals, bars, wineries, etc, so touring would be super cool. 

Any last words for the fans?

Get ready for a new EP release this summer. I always say this, but I think it’ll be the best one yet! Thank you to everyone who is listening to my music. It means the world to me!