Sheffield Band In The Nursery Announce New Single

Sheffield-based duo In The Nursery have today issued a video for their current single, Ektachrome (The Animator). Included on HUMBERSTONE, their forthcoming new studio album and also the family surname of core group members Klive and Nigel (who are identical twins), the gorgeously chilled track is in part an homage to Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, but is also redolent of classic John Barry scores such as Walkabout and orchestral French pop of the early 1970s.

ITN have previously commented “imagine home cinema in the ’70s accompanied by your father’s choice record collection” when describing the single, a sentiment that now extends to its video, which consists primarily of home movie footage shot by their late father Arthur, a well-known animator who worked on films such as Animal Farm, Yellow Submarine and Watership Down. “He was also an avid filmmaker and cinephile whose amateur films date from the mid 1930s,” they add. “Our childhood memories are reinforced by the moving images that he captured and replayed in a makeshift home cinema setting. We’re fortunate to have such vivid documents and reminders of our grandmother, grandfather, mother, father and elder brother – visual memories that will remain etched in the psyche.”

As for their new audio recording, HUMBERSTONE is a deeply personal album that sees the twins in reflective mood. Recorded during 2021, a year in which they turned sixty and celebrated forty years of recording together, they explain that “we have always needed a reason to make music, a rationale for its creation and existence. As composers, the two of us are conscious of the connection between music and memory. The loss of family is a strong emotion, one that we’ve harnessed to revisit our past. Our antecedents have been a catalyst and a stimulus for this new album; it has been good to reconnect and remember.”

Recorded at ITN’s own Beehive Works studio in Sheffield, each track on HUMBERSTONE is prefixed with an H number to indicate the order in which ideas came to them when writing the album.