EP Review: Baywud – Home

Baywud is an L.A based musician and songwriter, having released his EP, Home, back in December 2021. The EP has just three tracks on it, with the total running time coming to around ten minutes, leaving listeners wanting for more.

By Jane Howkins

The first song on the EP is Calling, which starts off with a beautiful piano melody. The production quality sounds incredibly crisp (as it does on the rest of the songs here). It’s quite a slow song, but it sounds incredibly beautiful, with Baywud’s soulful vocals soaring here. The strings in the background also sound fabulous when mixed with the rest of the music.

Damn You features an acoustic guitar as the main instrumentation on this piece. It’s more of a traditional folk song than the previous track, but it still has a haunting quality to it. The lyrics are amazing and have a personal feel to them that should resonate with listeners almost immediately.

Home is the final song on the EP, closing it out nicely. An electric guitar is used alongside the acoustic guitar here, but it sounds no less beautiful, still having that subtle, folky quality to it. The vocals are stunning, particularly on the chorus, where the backing vocals meld together in lovely fashion with the lead vocals. This was perhaps my favourite song on the entire EP, although all three songs are fantastic to listen to.

Home is an amazing EP and left me wanting more – I’ll definitely be checking out more of Baywud’s music in the near future! Check out his social media pages below to listen to the EP.