Interview – Alex Julia

Early on last year, we reviewed the track Like The Sun by Alex Julia in a round-up review of indie rock music. I decided to get back in touch and find out a little more about Alex’s music – read the interview below if you liked the track and want to know more!

By Jane Howkins

Last year you released a new track titled Like The Sun, which we reviewed. What can you tell us about the track and where can it be purchased?

Like The Sun is an indie pop rock song with country influences. The song is about having walls up and being so used to being alone, but finally letting love in. This song is available on all streaming platforms and also has an official music video on YouTube.

Have you got any plans to release a full length album or an EP anytime soon?

Yes, I am in the process of recording my first full length album which will be released sometime this year. My newest singles Like The Sun and Tunnel Vision will be a part of the record.

What is the writing and recording process like for you?

The writing process is never the same. Sometimes, it starts with a melody or lyrics in my head, or it starts with an acoustic guitar riff. I tend to freestyle over a melody a lot of the time and then change the words to depict how I’m feeling. Some of my best songs have been written in a few minutes and I’m not even sure where it comes from sometimes. Writing music has always been a form of therapy, for me to release my emotions and tell my story.

Do you plan to release any singles at any point in the near future?

I am finishing up my next single called Cry Wolf, which will be released within the next few months. This song came from a very broken place and I think a lot of people will relate to it. It’s a song about betrayal and losing trust in someone.

You’re originally from New Jersey. What is the music scene like in your part of the world at the moment?

It’s been making a big comeback, as a lot more shows have been starting up again. Asbury Park has always been very supportive of my music so I tend to gravitate there. It’s really inspiring to see things happening again the local scene in Jersey has always been very diverse.

What/who influences you most as artists? What have you been listening to recently?

I have a very eclectic music taste and listen to all different genres. I’ve been very influenced by old school rock ‘n’ roll, as well as early 2000s alternative female artists. In high school I really looked up to Paramore and Avril Lavigne. I would say recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Tash Sultana for inspiration. Seeing other independent artists killing it in the scene really inspires me too.

Has the pandemic hindered your work much?

I would say it’s been good and bad. A lot less shows and shows getting postponed, but things are still happening. However, there’s been more of an interest in virtual shows which has really helped me reach fans from around the world.

Do you have any tour dates lined up?

As of right now, I’ve been mostly focusing on recording my LP, but I do plan on doing an east coast tour once the album is released. I’m really excited to get back into performing.

What can people expect from one of your shows and why should people come and see you perform live?

I would say a live performance of mine has a lot of energy – I really put my all into it. I play some of my older songs from my first record as well as my newer tracks. People should come out and see me perform live because I am a unique and versatile artist.

Any last words for the fans?

Stay tuned. There’s a lot coming this year and thanks so much for the support. To stay updated you can follow me @irockoutxx on Instagram and Twitter.