Interview – FUDGE.

FUDGE. are a Leeds band that we’ve been following for a few years now. They have a launch night night coming up for their new single soon, so I decided this would be a good opportunity to have a chat with them!

By Jane Howkins

You have a new single coming out in February called 9/10. What can you tell us about the

9/10 showcases Cam’s writing in a new light, delivering perhaps his most experimental
lyrics to date – grounded in the heart of Hyde Park in Leeds where temptation leads you
down unexpected roads in the most predictable and cyclical of ways, into a formulaic
chaos. Everyone knows the kind of night where you aren’t really yourself but there’s
something great about that. The song is for those moments, and in honour of those

Do you have any further singles planned for release?

9/10 is the third instalment from THE TOWN HALL SESSION, the forthcoming EP
from FUDGE. The EP incorporates the same feverishly infectious energy for which the
band have become synonymous, whilst bringing more variety and experimentation. These
elements are appropriated for the classic FUDGE. heavy indie rock vibe that they exude
so effortlessly; it’s chaos but, for anyone who doesn’t already know, chaos is the band’s
bread and butter.

You’re hosting a single launch show at the Lending Room in Leeds on 4 February. What can
people expect from the show?

Absolute carnage. But lovely harmonious carnage. It’s a safe place to go mental.

The single is being released as part of Independent Venue Week. How did you get involved
with that?

We’ve been involved with it for years now. Half the band work within the industry at some
capacity so it makes sense really, doesn’t it?!

Do you have any support acts announced? And how do you pick them for such a show?

There’s two supports: Dim Imagery & Sugarstone. We know Dim Imagery personally and it’s
always sick to be able to have a big party with your mates… So why not? Sugarstone have been making some pretty decent waves in Manchester so we’ve arranged to go play with them in Manny too at some point TBC.

Do you have any other tour dates planned?

Not for this release but we’ve some crazy things lined up this year.

The single will be followed by a new EP titled The Town Hall Session EP. What can you tell us
about that?

Sure. We recorded the whole EP live in one take at Leeds Town Hall during covid. We always felt that our recordings don’t do us justice so we wanted to play live and video it to showcase what we’re about.

Do you have plans to release an album anytime soon?

As glorious as albums are, there’s no point at the moment. One day we will and it be
incredible, we promise.

Has the pandemic hindered your work much and, if so, how?

Fudge. took a hiatus over lockdown. We all decided it was time to have a break as, honestly, we were wounded by the concept of not playing any live shows any time soon. We’re managing to get back into our stride with things now and we hope this gig will prove it.

Any last words for your fans?

Levels will be achieved this year. Absolute levels mate. Watch this space.