EP Review: Aaron Wylder – Arrows

Aaron Wylder is a singer-songwriter and musician who’s music combines together elements of folk, country, Americana and bluegrass, to make something that bridges the gap perfectly between modern country/folk and the more traditional style.

By Jane Howkins

Arrows is a new EP released by Aaron, featuring only two songs, making it sound short and sweet. His music is inspired by the desert and he has a wide range of influences, including Johnny Cash & The Beatles, giving an idea of the eclectic sound his music carries.

The first track on the EP is also called Arrows, being the perfect song to introduce listeners to Aaron’s sound. It’s a catchy country song with a folky bent to it – the rhythm is fairly upbeat, with the guitar melodies also adding to the rhythm at times. Aaron’s has a great singing voice, perfectly suited to the music he creates, and Arrows is that catchy that it should get stuck in your head almost instantly!

Half Asleep By 9 Most Nights is the second song on the EP, having a similar sound to the previous track. It’s a little softer sounding though, with a slightly more down tempo vibe to it. Aaron’s lyrics have that classic storytelling vibe to them that most music of this style aims for, managing to take listeners on an aural journey.

Arrows perfectly displays Aaron Wylder’s sound off, showing him to be a competent and successful country/folk musician. Those into their country, folk or Americana music should check this 2 track EP out, leaving listeners wanting for more!