EP Review: Mili & Bertie – Into The Night EP

Mili & Bertie are an alternative pop duo that also have elements of country and Americana present in their music, making for a lovely overall sound. Into The Night EP is a new release by the duo, with a fantastic sound to it. Find out what I thought of it below!

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens with Cosmic Blue, opening the EP up to Mili & Bertie’s sound nicely. The driving rhythm of the piece makes it sound rather upbeat, with the little bluesy guitar licks working well with the country pop vibes. The vocal harmonies are one of the things that first stood out to me, giving the music a playful sense of melody.

Stay Tonight starts off a little more slowly, with the tempo ramping up every so often, before dropping off again, making the music sound very catchy. These dynamic really make Mili & Bertie stand out from the crowd – once again, their differing vocal styles are used to good measure.

That’s Alright (feat Baz Warne) kicks off with a great chord sequence on the electric guitar, giving the music more of an all out rock and roll feel. Despite the rocky vibes, the track has a great pop sensibility about it, showing just how strong the songwriting is. The song also features Baz Warne on guitar.

Fall Apart is perhaps the slowest song here, opening with a simple acoustic guitar melody, interspersed with some piano chords. There’s something very wistful about the music here, with the vocal harmonies sounding incredibly beautiful. It’s a haunting piece of music, and one of my favourite tracks on the entire EP.

Say It Right (Next Time) is the final track here, being a slow, folky song. The fingerpicked guitar melody that opens the song up is quiet, giving it a feeling of quiet serenity. What’s unique about this song is that it only contains Mili’s vocals, but wow does her voice soar here.

The Into The Night EP sounds absolutely gorgeous, displaying a range of different styles and sounds to show Mili & Bertie as very capable songwriters. There’s a real sense of storytelling present within their music, so make sure you pay attention to the lyrics as much as the music!

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