EP Review: Dull Mourning – Ugly Flames

Ugly Flames is an EP release from heavy rock band Dull Mourning, with the EP itself actually being released in January of this year. Sadly, I was a little late to the party with discovering the EP but I’m glad I did, as it sounds fantastic! Find out what I thought of Dull Mourning’s latest below…

By Jane Howkins

Pity Party is the first song to be found on this four track EP, starting with an amazing bass line and percussion section. The heaviness soon kicks in though, with a punky sound also present, alongside the alternative rock and post-hardcore elements. The dynamics change frequently within the song, giving it a sense of intensity not so commonly found in rock music nowadays. The production quality sounds immense throughout, with a huge wall of sound running throughout all of the songs here.

Demigod is the next song up, this time starting out with a pretty electric guitar melody. I found myself a little reminded of Brand New’s later work with some of the eerie guitar and bass melodies present here, creating a fantastic overall atmosphere. The drums sound huge still, with the screamed vocals on the chorus having an incredible emotive feeling behind them.

Nosebleed has a grungy quality to it – the bass and percussion ramp the tension up un suitable style, before the heavy guitar riffs kick in after a short while. There’s a definite sense of melody present, despite the heaviness and intensity of the music, found particularly within the vocals. It’s great to hear a rock band that can balance melody and ferocity in such a way, making the music sound very interesting.

Narrow Losses is the final song here, again starting off with a cool bass melody. The chugging guitar style fits well with the rhythm of the music, carrying it along in style. The breakdown towards the end of the song shows some fantastic guitar work, with the solo sounding like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

I absolutely loved Dull Mourning’s sound – they’re really doing something very different from the sometimes boring modern rock norm at the moment, and it’s fantastic to hear a band like this emerging once again. Make sure you check out Ugly Flames if you’re into your heavy rock!

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