EP Review: Tom Harrington – Be There Soon

Tom Harrington is an indie-folk artist from Central Victoria, creating a form of modern folk music with a relaxed, coastal feel to it. Be There Soon is the name of Tom’s new, five track EP, with each song on the record displaying a fantastic skill for songwriting – make sure you check out the EP stream at the end of this review!

By Jane Howkins

Be There Soon is also the name of the first song on the EP, starting off with an impressive, finger-picked guitar style. The guitar melodies flow nicely like a waterfall, with Tom’s deep vocals giving the music a storytelling vibe, suiting the style of track right down to the ground. The percussion sounds rather unique and the backing vocals are used well, making it all sound very beautiful.

Unexplainable Things is next up, weaving guitar melodies in and out of each other – you’ll need to listen to the song a few times over to fully appreciate everything going on here. Tom’s vocals are a little higher on this song, displaying a huge vocal range over the course of the entire EP. This was one of my favourite songs on the entire EP, sounding very beautiful at times.

Walls brings the tempo down a little, being perhaps the slowest song out of the five displayed here. It’s just Tom and his acoustic guitar for the most part, although the tension does start to rise towards the end of the track as the backing vocals and piano kick in, giving the music a subtle sort of beauty.

Moving In is another track that starts off slowly, with a simple guitar melody guiding the track, alongside Tom’s amazing vocal stylings. The lyrics are really impressive on this song, with the piano following the vocal lines in lovely fashion. You can really feel the emotion in Tom’s voice – the strings that appear later on only serve to make the track sound more emotive.

Turquoise is the last song on the EP, ending things nicely. It’s a little more up tempo than the last two songs, with the percussion rearing its lovely head again. The bongo style drums are a nice touch, and I liked the simplicity of the strings in the background – they’re very present, but they don’t take over the track.

Be There Soon is one of the best new releases I’ve heard in recent times, and I’m definitely going to be playing this for some weeks to come! The production quality sounds absolutely cracking, and Tom clearly has a great talent for songwriting which shouldn’t be missed.

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