EP Review: Josh Gluck – Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a new EP release from indie rock singer-songwriter and musician Josh Gluck, a sensational artist from Florida. It’s an amazing sounding record and one that anyone with their finger on the musical pulse needs to check out – you can find a stream at the end of this review.

By Jane Howkins

The first track on the EP is Down No More, being a perfect introduction to Josh’s music. It’s a catchy, pop-rock song, with a very soulful feel to it. I also felt there was an old school R&B vibe, in part due to the rhythm. The guitar melodies are bluesy and Josh has an amazing singing voice – he even raps at one point!

To The Light kicks off with a groovy guitar riff, more in line with a hard rock song than the old school quality of the previous track. The energy on the song is immense, making you want to get up and move instantly! The chorus slows the tempo down a little, but the action never releases, with Josh’s vocals soaring over the anthemic sound.

Jaybird starts off a little more slowly, with a bluesy guitar melody taking things down a step. It’s great to hear a softer sound to Josh’s music – whilst the percussion does bring the tempo up a little later on, it’s definitely one of the softer songs here, with Josh crooning the lyrics across this beautiful song.

Home ends the EP with a piano ballad – the main piano melody is rather simple, but this subtlety only makes it sound more beautiful, allowing the vocals to really shine through. And shine through they do – Josh’s vocals truly soar here, with an incredibly emotional feel present in the lyrics. This was my favourite song on the EP and is a must listen.

If Welcome Home is anything to be reckoned by, Josh Gluck has a shining career ahead of him in the music industry. He’s extremely talented – if he announces any tour dates in the UK, you can be sure we’ll be down the front watching in awe!

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