EP Review: Hollow Pledge – Silent Cheers

Hollow Pledge are a rock band from Philadelphia/Delaware, specialising in a form of alternative/modern rock with a catchy, post-hardcore feel to it. Latest EP Silent Cheers has an immense sound to it, with the soaring vocals really helping the band to stand apart from their peers.

By Jane Howkins

Statistically Speaking is the first song on the EP, starting out with a huge burst of energy, provided by the guitar riffs and frenetic drumming. The music has a wall of sound quality, sounding very intense at times. The verses are mellower, with little spidery guitar lines running in the background of the track. The chorus brings the tempo back up again – the vocals sound very emotive throughout.

Up And Up surprised me a little after listening to the previous song, as it has more in common with the pop-punk genre than the rock scene. The guitar melodies and rhythm have that classic pop-punk sound, although the verses do have a slightly slower feel to them, like on Statistically Speaking.

Signs contains some really interesting guitar work, with the guitar riffs being the real stars of this track. There’s a lot going on in the background – the full production style means you will have to listen to the song a few times to be able to catch everything. It’s more of an all out rock song, but there are still some pop-punk moments here.

House Lights starts out with an incredibly catchy guitar line, designed to get stuck in your head straight away. Hollow Pledge have a great knack for changing dynamics within a song, with House Lights alternating the tempo massively throughout. The breakdown that occurs halfway through the song has some amazing chugging riffs, with the solo towards the end sounding very impressive.

What I Need is the final track on the EP, sounding like the perfect amalgamation of the other songs on the EP. The guitar melodies were particularly impressive here, managing to be both heavy and catchy, even sounding rather beautiful at times. You can really feel the emotion in the vocals, something which I loved about the song.

Silent Cheers is a great EP, – anyone into their rock, pop-punk or post-hardcore music should check out Hollow Pledge’s music. The music sounds modern, yet also has a nostalgic edge to it, perfect for anyone that grew up in the 90s and 2000s. You can find a stream of the EP below!

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