EP Review: Shambertans – Symptoms Of The Fear

Shambertans are an indie rock band formed in Cambridge in 2019, with their music having a familiar yet contemporary indie sound. Symptoms Of The Fear is a new EP release by the band, showing off their energetic rock music in style.

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens up with a burst of energy on first song I Could Never Feel It. The bass and percussion give the music a stomping rhythm, which combines well with the catchy staccato guitar riffs. It’s reminiscent of the indie rock that became popular in the noughties, but this is so much more than landfill indie, as the band have real promise with this catchy tune.

Reason Into One brings the same energy over from the previous song into this anthemic track. It’s a little slower than I Could Never Feel It though, with the verses consisting of a slow electric guitar melody, alongside a faster percussive rhythm. The vocals are really tuneful, with a sincere quality present within them. The song picks up more on the chorus, which has a singalong quality to it, alongside some epic synths.

Reputation starts with a cool guitar and bass melody, raising the tempo up once again. This track sounds like the perfect song for dancing along to at a festival or in a club, and I can imagine Shambertans being a great live band! The song has a really lively feel to it – once again, the chorus has an anthemic, singalong vibe, with a sense of rock and roll attitude also present.

Animal is the final song on the EP – the tempo stays fairly steady here, with synths and guitar melodies galore appearing throughout the piece. The guitar licks are really groovy and bluesy in style, with the frantic energy of the music evoking something within the soul. These guys really have something special within their sound.

Symptoms Of The Fear is an impressive release, especially for such a new band on the scene. It’s great to hear that classic indie rock sound back in the UK again, and Shambertans are doing it really well, bringing their own diverse style to the genre. If you’re into rock music in general, then have a listen to the EP stream at the end of this review!

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