York Barbican Date Announced For Marillion

Following the release of their new album, An Hour Before It’s DarkMarillion will undertake a nine date UK tour in September 2022, including a date at York Barbican on 21 September 2022.

The band said, “We are once again looking forward to our shows in September in conjunction with Kilimanjaro and we can’t wait to get out there and play the new album to the fans”.‘An Hour Before It’s Dark – Whether it’s the last hour you were allowed to play outside as a child before you had to go home, a reference to the fight against time in relation to the climate crisis or the last minutes in a person’s life, Marillion once again put their finger on the pulse of time.

Be it social, political, or personal issues, Marillion have never minced words and have always found a way to combine them with their own unique sound. The band are known for incredible song writing, melodies and top-notch musicianship, while swimming against the tide, not bending to norms and limitations.  The first single Be Hard On Yourself couldn’t be a better example.

Founded in 1979, Marillion have, over the course of 20 studio albums, become one of the most commercially successful progressive rock bands. Marillion embraced the internet for both their commercial approach and to interact with their audience, long before most of their peers.

Get tickets this Friday 11 March at 10am from www.yorkbarbican.co.uk.