EP Review: Leo Arams-Downs – We All Have Our Place Pt. 2

Leo Arams-Downs is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Brighton who has recently released his latest EP, We All Have Our Place Pt. 2. The EP is a follow up to his previous EP, We All Have Our Place Pt. 1, which was based around the theme of geographical nostalgia, which his newest EP follows up well.

By Jane Howkins

There are four songs on the EP, with Dashcam being the first, also being the main single from the EP. The track starts out with a playful acoustic guitar melody which has a simple beauty to it. Leo’s vocals accompany the guitar melodies in lovely style, with the acoustic guitar providing the main instrumentation for the piece, even when the other instruments come in. It sounds really beautiful, setting the tone nicely.

If We’re Being Honest is up next, with Leo’s vocals and guitar again being at the forefront of the music. This track has a warmer feel to it, being a modern folk song with a gorgeous vibe. The vocal harmonies on the chorus particularly stood out to me, with the backing effects making it sound really haunting at times.

Within Dreams has more of a jazzy feel to it, in part due to the unique electric guitar melodies that dance through the song. The backing effects are very interesting, making it all sound very diverse. It’s an interesting piece of music – whilst it wasn’t my favourite song on the EP, I was very intrigued by the interesting guitar melodies and time signatures on display here.

Forever is the final song on the EP, also being the slowest. The guitar melody that kicks the song off has a dreamy vibe, with some recorded spoken word vocals playing over the top of the melody as it progresses. Leo’s vocals emerge towards the end of the song, with the harmonies mixing wonderfully with the guitar to make the listener feel like they’re floating along with the music.

We All Have Our Place Pt. 2 is an interesting EP – whilst it does have a definitive folky vibe to it, Leo takes his audience on an aural journey through different sounds and styles, changing things up on every track. If you liked this, you should definitely check out his previous EP release!

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