EP Review: Cruel Presence – No Man’s Realm

The state of Florida has long been known for its underground metal scene, with Cruel Presence being one of the latest bands to emerge from the scene – their music is a heavy form of extreme metal which won’t be for everyone, but those into this sort of music should love their new EP, No Man’s Realm.

By Jane Howkins

Opener King Merciful kicks things off in brutal style immediately, with killer riffs and ferocious blast beats being the name of the game here. The tempo never lets up, with the furious rhythm and low growls making it all sound very ominous, particularly on the breakdown during the middle of the track.

Control Naive Nation is up next – it starts slowly, before the tension ramps up again. The riffs and rhythm sound even faster here, having a thrash metal/punk edge to them, although it’s still definitely an extreme metal song. The vocals are low and hard to make out at times, but this only adds to the dark ambience of the music.

Supreme Murderous has a frenetic drumming style, with the little guitar melodies in the background making it sound very intense. There’s a definite hardcore punk vibe here, mixed with the death metal stylings of the previous songs – the vocals are barked over the music ferociously.

Cruel Presence starts off a little slower, with a down tuned guitar melody kicking things off, sounding almost beautiful at times. It’s great to hear the band doing something a little different with their music, as the first part of the song continues on in a slow, sludgy groove, with the growled vocals layering over the music.

Drowning Deeper brings things back up again, although it isn’t as fast as some of the other songs on offer here. As with many of the other tracks here, there is a lot going on in the background, meaning listeners will have to repeat the song a few times to fully appreciate everything.

End Of The Line is the final song on the EP, rounding things out in style. The backing effects and guitar melodies make the track sound almost like a black metal song at times, giving it an incredible atmosphere that really evokes certain images in the brain when listening to the piece.

No Man’s Realm is a great EP for those into their more extreme metal music – whilst it won’t be for everyone, the talent on display here is remarkable, showing Cruel Presence have an intensity and ferocity to their music that is unmatched by other bands in the scene.

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