EP Review: Sierra – Screaming Into The Void

Sierra are a British indie rock band based in Bristol – they released a new EP a couple of days ago, titled Screaming Into The Void. They’ve got quite a unique sound, especially within the indie rock scene, so I wanted to listen to their music and share it with the world! Find out how I got on below…

By Jane Howkins

Prelude is the first track on the EP, opening it up with a gorgeous piano melody. It’s quite different from the other songs on the EP, acting as an intro song more than anything else.

Identify starts with a killer bass melody, before the interesting drum rhythms kick in. It’s great to hear a bass being used in such a prominent manner – the guitars do appear later on, but the bass is the real star of the show here. The track has a proggy manner at times, with the chorus also sounding rather anthemic, in part due to the pretty guitar melodies and the soaring vocals.

A Poem From Eden is a little different, having a much slower vibe to it. The guitar melodies truly stand out here, progressing throughout the piece in an amazing way. It’s an instrumental track, but don’t let that put you off, as the way the little guitar motifs are built upon over time make it all sound rather beautiful.

Four Walls isn’t an instrumental song, with the vocals appearing quite quickly in the track. It’s a mid-tempo tune, again having some captivating guitar work. One of the things I love about Sierra are the way they evolve their guitar melodies throughout their songs, changing them up slightly as the music progresses – something which is displayed well here.

Felicity’s Crystal is more upbeat, showing off those killer bass lines again. The opening guitar lines work well with the bass, although they break off when the vocals appear on the verses. The bass and vocal harmonies help to create an eerie and ominous feel to the music, drawing the listener in with the swirling melodies that appear later on the piano.

Screaming Into The Void is a really interesting EP – whilst Sierra are probably best described as being a rock band, their music is unlike anything else I’ve heard so far this year, with a sense of innovation and originality present throughout their music.

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