EP Review: Lucid Safari – Delirium

Lucid Safari are a new reggae coastal rock project created by Brisbane musician Daniel J. Lewis – they’ve recently released an EP titled Delirium. I really enjoyed the sound the band have and wanted to share it with the world – the stream can be found at the bottom of this review.

By Jane Howkins

Flickering Lights is the title of the first song on the EP, starting things off nicely with an otherworldly feel. The guitar melodies kick in soon, sounding very funky. They fit with the rhythm well, having a staccato ska feel to them. The vocals are very melodic, with lovely little vocal harmonies appearing on the verses.

Title track Delirium has some interesting guitar work – the track has an effortless sense of cool to it, with a groovy rhythm that makes you want to tap your feet along in style. It’s very catchy, with a classic ska/reggae vibe that has a danceable quality to it too. This was one of the stand out tracks to me.

Liquid Dreams starts with an immense percussive beat, before the bass and guitar licks kick in. The track is more minimalist on the verses, with the guitars providing little flourishes every so often. There’s a real feeling of rock and roll attitude here, something which is often missing in modern music today.

Lady has a slightly different feel to it, sounding rather folky at times, due to the acoustic guitar melodies that start the song off. It’s all makes for an interesting musical progression, with the upbeat nature giving the song a folk rock quality, although there are still some moments of ska/reggae present here – this was another favourite for me.

Always On My Mind is a little slower than the other songs on offer here, being more of a ballad. The track has a true reggae feel to it, moving a little further away from the ska stylings of the previous song – it’s also very catchy, with the chorus having poppy vibes.

Lucid Safari are doing something a little different from the norm, which should be praised. Delirium shows a band that are extremely talented and can perform and write across a variety of different genres, always circling back to the ska/reggae sound that they have based their music around.

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