EP Review: Couldn’t Be Happiers – Songs For Butchie III

We reviewed the first part of this EP series last year (Songs For Butchie Vol. 1), so I was very pleased to find out that Couldn’t Be Happiers had released another EP, this time titled Songs For Butchie Vol. III. They’re a folk/country/Americana duo with a lovely upbeat quality to their music – if you like the sound of their latest EP, then make sure you check their previous efforts out!

By Jane Howkins

Mid-Size City is one of my favourite songs on the entire EP, starting out with a gorgeous acoustic guitar melody, weaving in and out of the piano and percussion. The vocal harmonies sound simply wonderful, making the song sound really beautiful. The track kicks into a full on country stomp later on, with some strings thrown in for good measure.

Frankie Silver (Take It To The Grave) features The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs and has a much more melancholy feel to it, sounding almost eerie at times. The lyrics tell the story of Frankie Silver, a woman who murdered her husband in the 1800s and was the first white woman to be hanged in the USA, adding to the creepy feel of the song. It’s got a spaghetti western vibe, suiting the lyrics well.

Restless In Texas is more of a typical country/folk song, with a mid tempo beat running alongside the guitars. The harmonica was a nice touch, working well with the rest of the music. The male vocals are showcased more here, but there are still some nice vocal harmonies in places.

Gone Squatchin has a wonderful fingerpicked guitar melody to it, as well as some interesting percussion overlaid in the background. It’s perhaps the slowest song on the EP, although it’s still fairly upbeat in terms of tempo and themes. The track is quite catchy too, making you want to tap your feet along in time.

Restless In Texas (Butchie’s Version) is more of a bonus track, with the song being a reprise of the aforementioned Restless In Texas. It’s a little different to the original track and sounds faster, but it’s not so different as to sound like a clash. I actually found myself preferring the bonus track version, due to the more upbeat tempo.

Couldn’t Be Happiers are an amazing band and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them over the past few months – if you’ve not checked them out yet, then make sure you listen to their latest release, Songs For Butchie Vol. III.

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