EP Review: Mim Davies – Built On A Floodplain

Built On A Flood Plain is an EP released by British singer-songwriter and musician Mim Davies last year – her music has a raw quality to it which is unmatched by many of the other musicians currently around within the singer-songwriter genre.

By Jane Howkins

There are four tracks on this EP, with Big Boned being the opener. The song starts out with a cool guitar electric guitar melody – it’s a rock song, but there are also folky elements, as displayed by the violins that appear later on. The breakdown towards the end changes thing up a little with an acoustic guitar, displaying Mim’s strong vocals off well.

Shouting Through Walls is a little slower than the previous track, starting out with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody instead. It’s definitely more of a folky tune, with some lovely little piano flourishes accompanying the guitars at times. There is also a lot of emotion contained within Mim’s vocals here.

No World But Here is another stripped down song, with a gorgeous fingerpicked acoustic guitar tune starting this track off, just like on Shouting Through Walls. It’s possibly the slowest song on the EP, really allowing the vocals and lyrics to shine through.

Powys Sky brings the tempo down again – I liked the rock sound on Big Boned, but Mim shines more on her quieter, more folky songs. The vocals are full of emotion, with her voice really taking over from the acoustic guitar here. It’s a nice track to round out the EP.

Those into their singer-songwriter/folk music should find something to love here – the tracks on Built On A Flood Plain sound very genuine, and there’s a warmth to Mim’s voice that helps to bring the listener into her world.

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