Interview – Caroline Reilly

Caroline Reilly may only be 18, but she’s already a fantastic musician and songwriter, having recently released the wonderful track, Break The World. The track can be found at the end of this interview if you haven’t heard it yet.

By Jane Howkins

You recently released a track titled Break The World, which we reviewed. What can you tell us about the song, and where can it be purchased?

Break The World was actually written about a friend of mine that dealt with a lot of emotional abuse at home. I’ve written a lot about my personal experiences with relationships but never about anyone else’s. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do that. You can find my new single on all streaming platforms!

Has the pandemic hindered your work much?

The pandemic definitely gave me time to dive into my creativity more. I found myself questioning who I am and what I’m doing a lot. I sometimes would finish writing a song and want to throw it out because it meant nothing. There were times when I’d find myself writing about absolutely nothing. It was an important time of self reflection.

What is the writing and recording process like for you?

I always love to write lyrics after I’ve processed my pain. I’ve found it very difficult to write when I’m currently in pain. It’s almost like I have too many thoughts and too many words that I can’t get out correctly. I usually write through reflection of something I just went through. A lot of my songs are past tense written! The recording process is totally different for me. I usually write all of my songs on piano or acoustic guitar and then record them on electric guitar with a faster tempo. My genre is alternative which is such a great place to be. It’s such a broad genre with many different variations.

Do you plan to release any more singles in the near future?

I’m actually releasing my new single Not My Fault on April 15th! I’m so stoked for everyone to finally hear this one.

Have you started writing for an EP or an album?

I haven’t started an EP or album but that may be something for the future. Right now I’m releasing little baby singles as I go. My little angsty projects.

What/who influences you most as an artist? What have you been listening to recently?

I’m influenced by so many amazing alternative artists. The list could go on forever. I absolutely love WILLOW, Charlotte Sands, YUNGBLUD, Royal & the Serpent (etc.)

Where are you based? What is the music scene like in your part of the world? Are you influenced by your surroundings?

I’m currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. The music scene here is loud and beautiful. I feel like every genre has a place of support here. I’m so thankful to have grown up in a place that’s so supportive of music. The live music venues in Atlanta are some of the coolest I’ve ever seen.

Do you have any tour dates lined up?

I am currently booking more and more shows as the year goes. Make sure to stay tuned ATL people! I would love to hang out with you guys at one of my shows.

What can people expect from one of your shows and why should people come and see you perform live?

I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my live show. I absolutely love watching other artists perform live to see how they share their art with their fans. I love to hear everyone’s story. Sometimes you just want to hop of stage and talk to every single person in the audience. I want my fans to feel loved and included in everything I do. This will always be about them… not me.

Any last words for the fans?

Keep being your most authentic self. Music will always be here for you when you don’t feel heard.