EP Review: Mock Deer – Perceptions

Mock Deer is an artist we’ve featured a few times recently, so I was very excited to get the chance to hear his new EP, Perceptions. It’s as fantastic as I thought it would be – if you’re into your folk music, then you must check this out!

By Jane Howkins

Contempt For Others is the first song up, one which I reviewed at the start of the year. The song starts out slowly, with a simple acoustic guitar melody accompanying Mock Deer’s unique vocal style. The tension builds up onto the chorus, which sounds epic – there’s a real sense of emotion present within the music and vocals here. This is a must listen song.

Human Code is another quiet acoustic number, sounding beautiful throughout. The soulful vocals take pride of place on this track, although there is also some interesting guitar work going on, if you stop to pay attention to it. Some of the melodies and chord sequences used are really amazing to listen to – something that carries over into all the tracks here at times.

Fires In The Rain has a subtle quality to it, with layers of guitar melodies aligning themselves well with Mock Deer’s gorgeous vocal stylings. It’s possibly the quietest song on the EP, but the backing effects give it a really atmospheric vibe, and I loved the way the electric guitar melodies are mixed in with the acoustic guitar.

Father Time is the final song on Perceptions, starting out with an intriguing guitar melody that is as impressive as it is haunting. The track as a whole has an eerie quality to it, in part due to these guitar melodies. The vocals sound fantastic as always, really soaring at times. This was another favourite for me.

Perceptions clarifies just how amazing Mock Deer’s music is – all the tracks on this EP are stand outs, leaving the listener yearning for more. Those into their folk/Americana music will love this, so don’t miss out!

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