Gareth Dunlop Announces New Album & York Date

Singer-songwriter and producer Gareth Dunlop was fortunate enough to remain a busy man during the global pandemic. Having established Sycamore Studios in Belfast just prior to lockdown, he was subsequently in a position to record not only his own long-awaited second album, Animal, but also produce new records by friends and fellow Northern Irish musicians Foy Vance (Signs Of Life, 2021) and Lee Rogers (Gameblood, out spring 2022).

Animal consists of a diverse set of songs that include the soulful and anthemic Right About Ready and Look Back Smiling, which evoke the ‘80s yet exude a timeless quality, the atmospheric Sorrow and Prisoner Of My Past, which both channel late period Roxy Music, the laid-back ‘60s dream pop vibe of Humans, plus a memorable title song that adds an electronic bounce to its subtle groove.

Dunlop, Vance and Rogers will be on tour together in the UK and Ireland at the end of the summer, with a date at York Barbican on August 30th 2022.