EP Review: GAN – ISRAEL 2020-2021

GAN is an electronic rock musician with a rather unique sound to his music. I heard his latest EP, ISRAEL 2020-2021, and wanted to share it with the world. Those into their more experimental forms of music should find something worthwhile here – you can find the stream at the end of this review.

By Jane Howkins

There are just three songs on the EP, but the short length of tracks suits the style of music well, leaving you wanting for more. The first song is titled Seger – Lockdown, starting off with a dreamy guitar melody that GAN slowly builds up over the course of the music. It’s not hugely technical, but there’s a certain sense of musicianship to the guitar melodies, and I loved the little additions GAN adds to the track over time. A spiralling piano melody appears later on, raising the tension slightly.

Milhama – War starts with an interesting percussive melody on an electronic drum kit, before the electric guitar tones appear again. There’s quite a proggy feel to the music at times, with diverse time signatures being the name of the game here. Despite the instrumental nature of the track, GAN manages to keep his listeners interested throughout, changing things up every so often.

Kol Shekel – Every Penny is the last track, rounding things out nicely. It’s a little softer than the previous songs, sounding almost ambient at first. However, the percussion and piano are soon added, building up tension and making it all sound very atmospheric, before it all ends suddenly.

ISRAEL 2020-2021 is an interesting EP, showing GAN to be a master of his musicianship. His music won’t be for everyone, but those looking for something a little different from the norm should check this out.

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