EP Review: Esc – Unauthorized Passenger

Unauthorized Passenger is an EP released by musical artist Esc back in December of 2021. I’ve been trying to listen to more experimental music of late, so the five tracks contained on Unauthorized Passenger spoke to me as soon as I heard them. Those into their prog rock should love this.

By Jane Howkins

Prelude is an intro track, as the name suggests. It starts out with a beautiful piano melody, with an atmospheric string section also accompanying it, leading listeners into the EP proper.

Trapped In A Dragon’s Dream is up next, starting with some gorgeous electric guitar melodies. Esc is seriously talented as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter – the trickling piano underneath the guitar riffs sounds beautiful, helping to set the scene well. It all sounds very epic, with an impressive guitar solo occurring towards the end.

Black Rainbow has an interesting build up, with synths and a bass melody pushing the song along until the track explodes with a huge burst of energy. It’s a lot heavier than the previous two songs on the EP, with some chugging riffs appearing, alongside the guitar solos. The strings in the background make it sound almost symphonic at times, with the electronic elements also being a nice touch

Fading Choices starts with a quiet piano melody, which sounds very beautiful. The track is quite different to the other songs on offer here, as it’s more of a classical piece. The strings combine with the piano to make something that sounds very haunting – it’s my favourite track from the EP.

Spreading Wings is another song with a build up at the start – more and more elements are slowly introduced, building the tension up over time. The strings, percussion and guitar melodies build up until it all drops off again, with a beautiful string section taking pride of place. The rest of the instruments kick in again, with some wonderful guitar solos rounding the music off in style.

Esc is doing something very different from the norm here, with the tracks on Unauthorized Passenger appealing to those into their classical music, electronic music and prog rock. It’s extremely creative, showing just how talented Esc really is.

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