EP Review: Larry Jay – Written In Whiskey

Written In Whiskey is an EP released towards the end of last month, created and recorded by Larry Jay, an American recording artist who has been writing and performing music for over 35 years. He restarted his career a few years ago, with Written In Whiskey being the culmination of his efforts.

By Jane Howkins

The title track, Written In Whiskey, opens things up, introducing us to Larry’s country rock stylings. The song has quite a positive vibe to it, with his raw vocals sounding perfect for this style of music. Little guitar motifs are added to the track over time, alongside the gorgeous piano and slide guitar notes.

Bad Ass Beautiful starts out with an interesting sounding piano and guitar melody, before the track kicks into country rock mode proper. It’s quite upbeat at times, with a classic rock and roll chord sequence running through the chorus. I really enjoyed the little piano melodies on offer here.

Saving Lives is a bit quieter, bringing the tempo down a little. The track has more of a melancholic quality to it, acting as a country ballad. The chorus picks things up a little more, but it still sounds beautiful, especially when mixed with Larry’s wonderful vocals.

Blood is perhaps the quietest song here, sounding really haunting at times. It’s a little similar to Saving Lives in terms of tone and the sad feel of the track. It’s also got some folky vibes to it, with a lovely synth melody appearing on the chorus. You can really feel the emotion in Larry’s vocals here.

Written in Whiskey is a fantastic release from Larry Jay, showing just why he’s had so much success in the music industry over the years. His brand of country rock will also appeal to listeners into their folk, bluegrass and Americana, making for a perfect all rounder.

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