Album Review: The Search – Extras

The Search are a Swedish band that formed under the moniker of The Silverslut back in 1999, before changing their name in 2004. They’ve changed their line-up and released several albums since then, with Extras being the title of their newest release.

By Jane Howkins

There are twelve tracks on Extras, with Halt being the first one up. It’s an interesting opener, being mostly acoustic in nature, having vibes of 60s folk-rock and psychedelic rock at times. The guitar melodies are gorgeous and occasionally have a classical guitar sound, with some unique chord sequences also present.

Writing On The Wall is a rock song with an incredible guitar riff kicking things off, sounding really catchy. The dynamics change over the course of the track, with the verses being a little quieter – this is one of the things I really liked about the song. It’s a great track, having a completely different vibe to Halt.

Dead Silent is another acoustic number, showing how The Search are able to write and produce music across a number of different genres – this is one of the things I loved so much about this band. It’s really beautiful at times, especially with the gorgeous melodies used on the chorus.

Moving Target opens with some interesting synths and backing effects, with little guitar motifs occasionally being added into the mix. It actually sounds pretty ambient for the first half of the track, although the vocals bring it back to more of an electronic rock sound. As the song progresses, more elements are added, making for interesting listening throughout.

Bunny sounds different from all of the previous tracks from the off, with a piano melody emerging at the start. The track largely consists of just the piano and vocals, making for a drastic change when compared to the other songs here. It acts as a good interlude, being placed towards the middle of Extras.

A Night At The Beach brings the folk-rock stylings of The Search back to the forefront of the music, featuring an upbeat acoustic guitar melody that also provides the rhythm for the song. Towards the end of the track, some little electric guitar motifs are added, but it’s the acoustic guitar that is the real star of the show here.

Forever And Ever features some crooning vocals, reminding me of Morrissey at times. Again, this song starts out fairly quietly, but it picks up the pace, having more of an 80s pop sound. The bass is really prominent here, working well with the synths to create that classic 80s sound that we’ve all come to know and love.

Eyes To The Ground takes things back down again, starting with a beautiful finger-picked acoustic guitar melody. It’s one of the slowest songs on the entire album, being more of a ballad.

Just Passing Through has a gorgeous main melody to it, created largely by the vocals. Synths and acoustic guitars accompany the vocals, until the track turns into a fully fledged rock song towards the end, with an explosion of sound occurring to bring the tempo back up again.

Quills is one of the more upbeat songs here. It’s fairly consistent throughout, with some gorgeous little noodly guitar lines working well with the rhythm of the piece. It’s one of the few songs that doesn’t change drastically halfway through, adding a little more consistency to proceedings.

It’s A Void is another track that starts out with an acoustic chord sequence, although the percussion is added fairly quickly. The vocals are used a little differently here, with layers of vocals being added on top of each other.

Does It Resonate? is the final song on the album, rounding things out nicely. It harks back to the first track, Halt, with the acoustic guitar melodies and vocals bringing things back in full circle. Towards the end, the vocals crescendo in a beautiful way, providing a lovely closing note.

Extras is an interesting album, showing that The Search are capable of creating music containing a number of different styles and genres within it. The production quality was a little raw at times, but the music is still strong enough to shine through on its own merits.

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