Album Review: Sub:Om – Back To The Source

Sub:Om are a visionary rock band based in LA, doing something slightly different to the norm, as their latest album release, Back To The Source, shows.

By Jane Howkins

There are nine songs on Back To The Source, with the album starting out with Black Hole. The track opens up with a repeated guitar melody that runs throughout the course of the song, with the mellow verses suddenly changing into the explosive chorus several times. The dynamics make for a nice change in pace.

Unify opens with a more fast-paced sound than the previous song, featuring a faster rhythm and some dreamy vocals. The vocals have a lot of effects on them, but it really suits the diverse avenues that Sub:Om delve into in their music, with the track also having an immense bass melody.

Back To The Source is of course the title track, starting slowly with some dreamy guitar melodies. The music has that fuzzy quality to it that became popular within the shoegaze genre, showing yet another influence this diverse band have. It sounds really beautiful at times.

We Are Starz has an 80s vibe to it, due in part to the synths and keyboards that open the song up, before the guitars and drums kick in. The bass is absolutely on point here, making the music sound really catchy with the different layers available.

Sungazer has more of a build-up at the start, with tribal percussion beats mixing well with the vocals as they weave in and out of the music. An intriguing high pitched bass solo comes at the end of the first verse, sounding unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

Pendulum has a similar sort of sound to the previous song, sounding a little like a continuation on from Sungazer at times, although it’s definitely heavier What I found interesting about this song is how the music takes pride of place over the vocals, with it being largely instrumental in nature.

I Will is one of the slowest songs on the entire album, having a cool guitar and bass melody running through it, drawing the listener into its dreamy goodness straight away. The vocals have more of an impact on this song, due to the more subtle nature of the music, sounding positively anthemic at times.

Who Are We opens up with some little keyboard effects that help to create an ambient atmosphere, before the track kicks in properly. One of the things I loved about this song is the way the vocal harmonies are used in the background, having a haunting quality to them.

All Falls Away is the closing song and also the longest piece of music here, starting out with a simplistic bass melody that the rest of the song slowly builds upon. The track changes through several different motifs along the way, providing a culmination of Sub:Om’s sound over the entire record.

Sub:Om are doing something very different from the norm, which deserves to be applauded. It won’t be for everyone, but those into their more unique styles of rock music should check Back To The Source out.

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