Down Under – Underground Music From Australia

Australia is one of the main exporters of music to the world, with many great acts coming from the nation. There are a slew of underground artists based in the country, with some of those artists being included in this feature. You can also find a full playlist of all the songs at the end of this article.

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Sharl

Sharl – That Girl

Sharl is actually from the UK but moved to Australia as a young adult to follow her musical dreams. Those dreams have finally been realised, as latest release, That Girl, shows. It’s a catchy pop song that sounds very well crafted – the chord sequence used on the chorus sounds amazing and Sharl has a fantastic singing voice. It’s also great to hear a pop song that doesn’t sound like all the others on the radio.

Sharl – I Fell In Love

I Fell In Love is another song from Sharl which I wanted to share, as her music is so good! It’s another catchy pop song but it’s got more of an alt-pop vibe, with a darker atmosphere. The main chord sequence sounds hauntingly beautiful, especially when mixed with the slow nature of the piece and the lyrical content.

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nightlight – SEETHRU

I’ve got a soft spot for female rappers, so I was very intrigued to hear nightlight’s new song, SEETHRU. The track combines together elements of rap, hip-hop, trap, pop and modern r&b, making for a catchy song that also has a dark backbone to it. The bass and synths really help to create a heavy ambience – I also loved the mix of rapping and singing the music contains.

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Maria Pellicano – You Carry Me

You Carry Me is a quiet folk song, with the main instrumentation coming from a slow acoustic guitar melody. Maria Pellicano has an amazing singing voice, with the quiet nature of the music allowing it to really shine through. The percussion is also rather mellow and sounds like it was created on a set of bongos, which is quite rare for the folk genre, adding another interesting element to the music.

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Nazzereene – That’s How I Like It

That’s How I Like It is more of a modern pop song, with some deep house vibes running throughout the piece. The bass is really funky and gives the music a proper groove, mixing well with the beats. Nazzareene’s vocals are smooth and sound perfect for the style of song, making it sound even catchier! Just try and listen without wanting to dance!

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Taylor B-W – In Ur Net

Taylor B-W is another artist producing catchy pop songs with a house vibe, as In Ur Net displays. The beat is reminiscent of the reggaeton genre, mixing the house elements up a little. The dynamics change between the verses and chorus, with the verses having a mellower feel, before the catchy chorus kicks in delightfully.

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Low Key Crush – Night Time

Night Time is a little different to the previous songs on this list, being an quiet indie pop tune. Low Key Crush infuse some lovely jangly indie guitars into this track, making it sound very mellow and dreamy. The vocals croon their way through their music, adding another layer to the song that sounds almost beautiful at times. It’s also slightly folky, adding another arrow to their bow.

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Penelope Pettigrew – Jelly

Penelope Pettigrew brings us back to the pop vibes at the start of this list with her new song Jelly, which sounds like the sort of the track that could conquer the charts. It’s full of energy, with the song seeing Penelope singing in a sultry way over the upbeat rhythm and synth lines. This is the sort of track that will make you want to dance along in style – the rhythm is irresistible!

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Jackson Pendegraf – Feelings For You (Songs For Diana)

Feelings For You (Songs For Diana) is an electronic dance number containing synths galore. It’s largely instrumental in parts (although there are some autotuned robotic vocals in the background), with the focus mostly being on the music itself. It’s the sort of song that would sound great at a rave, with an up-tempo beat pushing Jackson Pendegraf’s track along in great style.

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Carousel Club – Old Boy

Old Boy is another song for those into their indie rock, kicking off with a cool bass line that makes the music sound instantly groovy. The vocal effects make Carousel Club’s music sound very diverse, having a unique sound to them. The track stays at a similar tempo throughout, with a steady beat merging well with the bass and clean guitar melodies to create an irresistibly catchy song.

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The SunBears – Naughty Boy

The SunBears are an Australian rock band that ooze a sense of rock and roll attitude – just listen to Naughty Boy and you’ll find out for yourselves! It’s got something of a garage rock sound, with some immense riffs opening the music up, continuing through the song in epic style. The vocals also have a classic rock quality, adding another cool element to the track.

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Maisy Taylor – Be My Baby

I’ve recently been getting into dream-pop, so Be My Baby sounded like an instant classic to me when I first heard it. Maisy Taylor is a singer-songwriter with a more poppy twist to her music than some of the folk singer-songwriters that have been emerging recently. It’s got quite a slow rhythm at times, but this only serves to make it sound more dreamy and beautiful.

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Francis Eden – Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold opens quite slowly, with some little piano melodies and a gorgeous string section helping to create an atmosphere. Francis Eden is a singer-songwriter with a jazzy twist to her music – this song has a waltz rhythm to it, showing her to have an immense sense of individuality and creativity. There are also hints of classic r&b and soul, showing Francis isn’t a singer to be ignored!

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The Kaz Experiment – Emerging From Solitude

The Kaz Experiment is a musical project from songwriter and musician Karen Harding, who is based in Melbourne. Emerging From Solitude is an instrumental piece of music, fitting the classical genre well. It’s performed entirely on the piano, seeing the track building on the original opening motif over the course of the music. It’s a very relaxing track, containing a subtle beauty.

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Trent-Jean – HIGH3R

HIGH3R is the final song on this list, but by no means the least. Trent-Jean performs high octane rock music with full of huge riffs and attitude. HIGH3R kicks things off with these riffs, although it does occasionally change dynamics, with a mellower pre-chorus changing things up nicely with an unexpected turn. The production is a little raw, but this only adds to the garage rock vibes.

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