EP Review: Leslie Bowe – Something Right

Something Right is a new EP from Leslie Bowe, a singer-songwriter and musician from Nashville who has been performing for a few years now. His latest EP shows a lot of promise and has a great sound, and hopefully one that will help to propel him further into the mainstream as time goes on!

By Jane Howkins

A Little Kindness is the title of the first song, starting out with a slow acoustic guitar melody, an organ and some little electric guitar motifs. It’s slow but full of emotion, especially when Leslie’s vocals appear. This slowed-down folk song displays Leslie’s sound perfectly, with the organ being the cherry on the top.

Stand introduces a horn section to the music, acting as a throwback to the days of retro soul and classic r&b. The music still retains a folky country quality, but it certainly sounds very diverse, in part due to the old school vibes. It’s slightly more upbeat than the previous song, but not overly so as to change the mood completely.

Break Even is more of a straight up rock song, albeit in the country rock vein. The organ makes another appearance in a background, making the track sound truly diverse. The chorus melody is also quite catchy at times.

Carry It On brings the tempo back down a little, with a slow organ and piano melody providing the main instrumentation, alongside the percussion and Leslie’s vocals. The song has a gospel style to it, especially in terms of the way the backing vocals are used, sounding truly beautiful at times.

Something Right is the final track on the EP, closing it off nicely. The track starts with some country rock guitar melodies and a somewhat bouncy rhythm, sounding perfect for dancing along to. The gospel elements appear again within the backing vocals, with this song sounding like the perfect culmination of all the other elements contained within the previous tracks.

Leslie Bowe is certainly on the path to greatness, as the songs on Something Right show. It’s great to hear something a little different, so those into their rock, country or retro music must take a chance on Leslie’s music!

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