Album Review: The Flashpot Moments – Very Far

The Flashpot Moments are a band that we’ve featured a couple of times before, so I felt it was time to finally give one of their albums a review. Very Far is the title of the alt rock band’s latest record and it’s well worth checking out, for anyone into the rock genre.

By Jane Howkins

There are ten songs on Very Far, with the first one up being Jealous. I felt the track had a grungy vibe to it, in part due to the vocal style and the guitar melodies. There’s a lot of emotion contained within the song, especially in terms of the vocals, with the verses and choruses changing the dynamics up quite a bit.

Itch has more of an upbeat vibe to it, with a cool rhythm that will get inside your head instantly. It’s pretty catchy and the chorus sounds really anthemic at times, but the hard edge is still there. The synths that appear every so often were also a nice surprise, adding another element to their sound.

Trust U introduces an organ into the mix, having a mellower sound to it. It makes The Flashpot Moments’ music sound even more innovative, balancing a soft sense of melody with some rockier moments on the chorus. The xylophone melody that weaves in and out of the guitars also sounds amazing.

Fun Is Hard changes things up completely, with an old school piano and organ melody starting things off on the first chorus, also adding to the bouncy rhythm of the piece. The tempo dives down a little on the verses, before raising back up again.

Don’t Know It Yet has a much slower tempo to it than the previous songs, sounding like a melancholic ballad. The main instrumentation comes from a pretty piano melody and some haunting strings, with the vocals soaring over the music in a soulful style.

Lat Den Rulla brings things back up to speed, with a driving rhythm and some heavy guitar riffs. The energy never lets up, with singalong moments making this the perfect song for a summer festival.

Beautiful, Unkillable has an 80s vibe to it, featuring some epic synths and classic rock guitar moments. It still has its mellow moments though, adding a ballad-like quality into the mix every so often.

The guitar melodies that open up An Interruption are extremely catchy, leading the listener into the rest of this infectious track. The rhythm has a Latin infused beat to it at times, with the guitar melodies giving it an occasional dark atmosphere.

Palindrome brings the speed down once again, with the acoustic guitars taking pride of place here. The track has some percussion and electric guitar moments, so it’s not entirely acoustic, mixing together the best of both worlds.

The Crowd That Was ends the album nicely, starting out with a beautiful organ, piano and strings melody. The music has an ethereal vibe to it and it might seem like an odd choice for a closing number at first, but it really works. The female vocals are also a nice addition.

Very Far is an interesting rock record, showing that The Flashpoint Moments are a band able to produce music within most sub-genres of the rock genre, meaning there truly is something for everyone here!

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