Bradford Based Duo Experiment 637 Announce Debut Single

Though it goes without saying that break-ups, be it romantic, platonic or professional, signify the end of something we once held dear, what’s often overlooked is that they can be the start of something special.
Experiment 637 are an electronic/indie/folk two-piece from West Yorkshire and formed around the same time that both members were experiencing break-ups – in one case the sudden end of a previous band, the other the end of a personal relationship.
Determined and focused on doing something positive, the two began writing in the summer of 2019, managing to play just one gig together before the pandemic put a stop both their plans, and everyone else’s. 

Over the following two years however, in short and intense bursts of collaboration between lockdowns, the duo completed their debut album Sleepwater in late 2021 and are set to release this in September 2022.
Plains is the first taste of said album. Three minutes of airy electronics that’s as glitchy as it is optimistic, there’s a real sense of space created by the track, as well as the feeling of moving forward.
Mickey tells us about the debut single:
Plains was written and recorded in a day when we were finally able to get together during a gap between lockdowns. I awoke to beautiful sunshine and sketched out the basic idea on piano. Ronan came over mid-morning and we took the idea into our little studio.”
“After recording the instruments, Ronan jammed out the lyrics on the sofa before heading towards ‘the good microphone’, nailing it in two takes. We added a bell, some low-budget orchestral stuff, drank wine and mixed it the next morning”.
Ronan added, “After almost 6 months of not being able to be in the same room together, this was a day that we won’t easily forget”.
Indeed, that feeling of relief, and of release, is palpable across Plains runtime. And whilst ultimately the product of a period of negativity in the lives of its creators, there’s no denying the catharsis it’s afforded them either.
“For me, writing the song was a coping mechanism in itself” Ronan continues. “It was immensely fun to create, and it felt as if we were doing something totally new and different to what we have done previously – It certainly stopped me thinking about the heartache that the rest of the album was about – not only at the time of recording, but whenever I listen to it now.”
“At the beginning of Experiment 637, most of the songs we wrote seemed to be about coping with (or rather not coping with) the end of things” Mickey adds. “When a relationship comes to an end and you feel as though you have little control over your emotions, it can cause a lot of pain, resentment and anxiety, so for a good while, the songs had darkness and anguish about them. But as we began to learn to process all of that, we suddenly found a sense of hope, and some humour and even a little sarcasm came creeping in! Plains marks the beginning of a happier phase.”