Don’t Adjust Your Mindset At Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery

Hot off the heels of a highly successful showing in London, artist Pete McKee proudly opened his first new exhibition in the heart of his hometown, Sheffield. An audience hundreds attended the exhibition during its opening weekend at the Millennium Gallery, which explores the myriad of issues many of us wrestled with online during the 2020/21 lockdowns. In McKee’s most satirical and observational exhibition to date, the pieces on display were made in order to examine concepts derived from scrolling through social media, with works such as NFC (No Fucking Clue) and Happy Jack, a piece lampooning the effects of the rising state pension age.

McKee has long been known for his observational and warm portrayals of working-class life, often set in the 1960s and ‘70s, drawing on memories from his childhood. Although this trademark humour still punctuates throughout, uncomfortable and unflinching examinations of contemporary life are also on offer.

Comprising paintings, sculptures, photographs, and installations, Don’t Adjust Your Mindset explores modern British life and how we communicate today.

The gallery is open until 22nd May 2022.