Album Review: Firebug – No Return

Firebug are a group from Joshua Tree that have been captivating audiences for a while now – I decided to get in on the action and check out their latest album, No Return, and I wasn’t disappointed with what I found!

By Jane Howkins

There are 7 songs on the album, with the title track, No Return, being the first one up. The song opens with a fingerpicked electric guitar melody that sounds quite proggy at times, with the vocal effects making the vocals sound really ethereal. The tension is ramped up over the course of the song, with an organ and some percussion appearing later on to make this into a fully fledged rock song.

Trail That Never Ends (Celestial Traveler) has more of a classic 70 folk rock vibe to it, with most of the instrumentation coming from some lovely electric guitar melodies. The vocals soar over the track, with the unique vocal style that appears later on working really well with the song, making it sound very haunting!

Moment Of Joy sounds almost jazzy at first, in part due to the rhythm and guitar melodies. It soon turns heavier, with bluesy guitar licks being the real star of the show here. The rhythm has that classic rock and roll style to it, showing yet another genre that Firebug are proficient in!

Change also has some old rock and roll style vibes to it, but the guitars and rhythm are almost surf rock-esque, with a piano joining to add an additional sense of beauty to the music. It’s possibly the catchiest song on the album, and was one of my favourites.

Only The Lucky brings things down a notch, this time featuring an acoustic guitar. It’s very haunting and really helps to evoke certain images in the mind, sounding somewhat like a stripped down desert rock song at times.

Down brings back the bluesy qualities from before, sounding very groovy throughout. There’s a subtle beauty to this song, in part due to the way the vocals meld with the rest of the music. This was my favourite song on the album.

St. Elmo’s Fire brings things down again, but on a more positive note. The guitar melodies are stunning, having a playful nature to them. The dreamy vibes of the track help to round the album out in style, bringing it almost full circle.

Firebug are an amazing band, and one that have managed to fit an extraordinary amount of genres into one short album. No Return is a must listen for anyone into their folk, rock or blues music.

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