Interview – Moon And Aries

Last month, I featured the song, Sneak Preview, by Moon And Aries in a new series I’ve started about my favourite songs of the month. If you somehow missed the feature, you can also find the song at the end of this interview.

By Jane Howkins

Tell us about Sneak Preview. What does the title mean and where can it be purchased?

Hi, thanks for having us. This is Jordana Moon talking to you and I’m happy to talk about our song, Sneak Preview. The title is inspired by our love for movies and catching a sneak preview of an upcoming film you can’t wait to see. But in this case, it refers to our lives. Like prophetic insight on what’s to come. That balance between what was destined and what you are able to manifest/create each day.

Has the pandemic hindered your work?

It elevated it. The pandemic allowed us to hermit without guilt and reflect on what’s most important in our lives. Tom and I fully embraced that besides our families, music fuels our souls. So we made music, strengthened connections and became hyper focused on our goals.

What is the writing/recording process like for you?

Well, with Tom living in Germany and me in Canada, we work in a unique way. We talk about the concept of each song we wish to create. We talk about the full album or EP, and how to make sure the storyline has a nice flow and can take the listeners on a journey. We will have the title and concept first. Then Tom works his magic in his studio and composes the melody, before sending the instrumental over to me, where I then write the lyrics and find the vocal melody. Sometimes the song takes me days and weeks to get right. Sometimes only hours. But it just depends on how much we’ve flushed out the concept and then it’s easier for me to figure out exactly what I want to say. I record all of my vocals in my home studio, and Tom records all of the instrumentals at his home too! And we have an amazing mix and master team.

Do you have any plans to release a single or more songs in the future?

We are actually releasing a new song on May 26th, called Take Me Home. It’s our first track off our summer EP, Paradise. It’s a slightly different sound/vibe from us, moving from synth pop into more orchestral lounge. But still the Moon and Aries signature sound.

Can you tell us about your debut album?

In February, we released The Arrival album. It has 9 songs, including Sneak Preview, and the concept of the full album is about going through a dark night of the soul/near death experience, feeling lost and lonely, into being hopeful and illuminated and finally arriving at our sought after destination, within ourselves and in the outside world. The style of the album is an infusion of synth pop and trip hop, but with a movie style way of storytelling. So we decided to create our own genre, ‘Synth Pop Opera.’

What and who influences you most as artists? Who do you listen to?

Tom and I are both into nostalgia. And that’s with movies and music. We have similar tastes, which of course makes making music easier, but we both love and are inspired by ABBA, BeeGees, David Bowie, Aha, Massive Attack, Portishead, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Kate Bush and even jazz and musical theatre.

Where are you based and how is the music scene where you live?

Tom lives in Cologne, Germany. Obviously the music scene in Germany is incredible, and Cologne itself has a lot going on. I’m in Kelowna, BC, Canada. It’s a smaller city, with a tiny basically non existent music scene. But Tom and I won’t allow being across the ocean from each other to get in our way of our musical adventure.

Do you have any tour dates or shows lined up?

Right now we are focused on our online presence and radio play. With an album under our belt and a 5 song EP on its way, we definitely are beginning to make moves to get on stage together and tour.

What can people expect from your shows and why should they see you perform live?

The music we create is meant to elevate people. To have a full body activation experience and feel a sense of inner peace and a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. Tom and I have performed on stages our whole lives, but just not as Moon and Aries yet. So with our music and combined efforts, our mission is to provide a high vibe experience at our concerts.

Whether it’s simply Tom on the piano and my vocals, or Tom with a full orchestra and me with a choir, we hope to invoke a spiritual experience for the ones who come to see us live.

Any last words for our fans ?

We so appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to connect with our music. Like I said, Tom and I are on a mission and we want to help this world heal and transform into an upgraded version of paradise. So if people feel connected to this idea and feel connected to our sound, we have a lot more music to share.