Album Review: antinode – Symphonized

antinode is the musical project from Jarp, a musician and artist based in the Netherlands. He’s recently released a new album under the antinode project titled Symphonized – I liked what I heard, so I wanted to share it with the world!

By Jane Howkins

There are six songs on Symphonized, making for a short, yet sweet album. The Beacon Beckons opens up this ambient project nicely, with layers of synths and backing effects drawing the listener in over the course of the music. It sounds quite minimalistic at first, but more elements are slowly added over time, and it does sound really gorgeous throughout.

The Sun Throne opens with some bubbling synth melodies playing in the background – the music has a really epic and triumphant feel to it, whilst also sounding very beautiful. The tension is built up over the course of the track into an amazing crescendo, as the percussion appears towards the end.

Untrue Truths has more of a dystopian vibe to it, featuring a steady bass and percussion beat underneath the music, throbbing and pulsating like a heartbeat. Little piano motifs appear every so often, but the rhythm section is the true star of the music here.

Dome Surfing has an ethereal vibe to it – the opening synths have an otherworldly quality to them, sounding positively heavenly. Percussion and a lead synth melody are slowly added in as the song progresses, building up over time. It sounds really beautiful, and I found the track created certain evocative images in the mind as I listened to it.

Equinox is hauntingly beautiful – it’s possibly the most ambient song here, with the music having a similar vibe to the previous song. It sounds both optimistic and melancholic at the same time, with a wistful, bittersweet quality to it.

Neosynthesis is the final track on the album, featuring some wonderful synth motifs that intertwine together. It’s got a very playful nature, with some strings appearing later on, making it sound rather eerie at times. It’s a good closing song, rounding this album out in style.

Symphonized won’t be for everyone, but those into their more experimental or ambient music will get a kick out of this. antinode has created something that sounds truly beautiful and I urge you to try it.

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