EP Review: Jonathan Crayne – Oknow

Jonathan Crayne is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Southeast MI, in the USA. I managed to check out his latest EP release, Oknow, and I really liked what I heard. It’s one for the rockers out there, so if you’re into your rock music then make sure you check this out!

By Jane Howkins

There are just 6 songs on this EP, leaving the listener wanting for more from the very beginning. The first track is The Good Kids, starting with a mellow opening guitar riff, with some gorgeous solos being added later on. Jonathan’s vocals have a slight pop-punk quality to them, with the chorus seeing his voice being raised in an emotive shriek, which works really well with the rest of the track.

Broken Wing has a heavier sound to it, with a fast-paced rhythm and similar guitar riffs being the name of the game here, giving the music a punky edge. Jonathan’s vocals really suit the style of track, with the frenetic energy he conjures up sounding simply magical.

Pistola is a little different from the earlier songs, with an eerie, almost prog-like guitar motif running through the verses, until the song explodes into an epic punk rock tune on the chorus, with Jonathan’s vocals sounding positively anthemic.

Don’t Play Joker starts off with some impressive percussion beats, helping to give the music an atmosphere. The vocals line up with the staccato guitar riffs and percussion perfectly, with some intriguing piano and guitar lines appearing in the background as the song progresses.

Monotone Mtn. changes things up completely, being performed on an acoustic guitar. Birdsong also appears as a backing effect here, working surprisingly well. Jonathan uses his vocals in a softer manner on this track, showing a degree of vocal versatility.

Setting Sun is the final track on Oknow, opening up with a huge drum beat and some clean guitar melodies. The track has a much mellower feel to it than most of the other songs on the EP, but it really works, closing it out in style.

Oknow is a fantastic EP for those into their heavy rock and punk music. Whilst the production quality is a little raw at times, this actually helps with the style of music on offer, and the music is certainly good enough to withstand this.

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