Album Review: Voyagers – Chasing Light

Voyagers is a musical project created by Edith Lettner, with the music the group create having a very distinctive jazz sound. Chasing Light is the name of their new album release, making for a very interesting overall listen. You can find a full playlist of the album at the end of this review!

By Jane Howkins

The first track on Chasing Light is Today Is A New Day, which is a Latin-infused song complete with lots of little acoustic guitar melodies running alongside the brass instrumentation and the percussion. It’s very upbeat and has a positive vibe – the instrumental style also suits the genre well.

Sololey builds upon the music of the previous song, although it has more of a traditional folk feel to it, mixed in with the Latin moments. Vocals are added as the music continues, repeating the title of the track over and over again in a rhythmic manner. The guitar lines sound gorgeous here.

Waiting For Spring is much more stripped-back, featuring a slow acoustic guitar melody as the backing for the song. Another guitar melody appears soon after, mixing with the brass notes which act as the vocal lines for the piece.

I felt that Raise Your Voice had an Eastern quality to it, in part due to the way the guitars are used and the note sequences available. It’s great to hear so many different styles contained within one album, and it truly does sound beautiful! This was one of my favourite tracks on the entire album.

Madagascar features layers of acoustic guitar melodies, with lots of little motifs appearing throughout the song. One of the things I love about Voyagers’ music is that there is so much going on that it will truly take several listens to be able to appreciate it all, with Madagascar being a fine example of this.

Danama has more of a Celtic vibe, especially with the melody that opens the track up. Slow guitar and sitar melodies run concurrently, as the Indian-style vocals appear, making the music sound very different from the previous songs available. It’s a long song, but it’s worth listening to in full.

Kinkiliba brings the brass back again, with some lovely notes erupting alongside the multiple guitar melodies. There’s something really optimistic and positive about this song, making you want to get up and dance with joy – find out for yourselves and check it out!

Lamban is another song with a slower feel to it – whilst the guitar melodies are impressively fast at times, the music seems very mellow. The brass is still there, but the guitar melodies are the real star of the show here, showing just how talented Voyagers truly are!

Ya Amponsah features a gorgeous saxophone melody – it weaves in and out of the rest of the music, acting in place of the vocals. It’s one of the more jazzy songs on the album, with an impressive saxophone solo running through most of the track.

Fouta starts off with the saxophone, with some unique percussion accompanying it. This song is rather different to most of the other tracks here, having a darker atmosphere to it. The rhythm is a little different, with staccato brass motifs appearing alongside the guitars.

Cheri is another slightly slowed down song, closing the album off nicely. However, it doesn’t sound melancholy, despite the tempo of the track. The song soon picks up the pace with some flowing acoustic guitar and sitar melodies, as the saxophone flirts in and out of the music.

Chasing Light won’t be for everyone, but those into their jazz and world music should find something to adore here.

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