EP Review – Frank Cervantes – Not Far Down The Road

New Jersey native Frank Cervantes is a talented musician who is very involved within his local music scene, creating folk-rock songs with a great deal of heart. Not Far Down The Road is his latest release, full of heart and soul, with that classic New Jersey rock sound present within each of the 5 tracks available here.

By Jane Howkins

Minnesota opens the world up to Frank’s sound nicely, with a steady rhythm accompanying a nice bass and guitar line. The vocals sound a bit distant at times, but there’s a lot of emotion within them, working well with the rest of the music. The chorus is particularly emotive.

Can’t Fake In Love opens up with a harmonica, giving the music a classic folk/Americana vibe, before the percussion kicks in. The track soon turns into a rock song, with a driving rhythm and indie guitar lines giving it an urgent feel. This track suits the New Jersey style the most, having a great deal of heart to it.

Let Them Wait is a little slower and much more stripped-down than the previous songs, changing things up nicely in the middle of this EP. It sounds truly beautiful throughout, allowing Frank’s raw vocals to truly shine through. The lyrics have a particular poignancy to them, so make sure you listen to them carefully!

The title track, Not Far Down The Road, is up next, starting off with a gorgeous lead guitar line that is accentuated perfectly by the acoustic guitars in the background. What struck me most about this song were the backing vocals – they’re a little faint, but they provide a subtle beauty to the piece.

Backwards Town rounds things out nicely in a true & folky fashion. The main instrumentation comes from a quietly strummed acoustic guitar, with a little piano motif following it occasionally. This is one for the folk purists, showing yet another genre Frank is comfortable in pursuing.

Not Far Down The Road is a great EP for those into their folk, rock and Americana. The emotion in Frank’s vocals is hard to match, fitting the New Jersey scene well.

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