Album Review: Darkfield – Reanimated Voices

Darkfield are a post-rock/metal outfit hailing from Portland, Oregon. Their music combines a number of different genres together, creating something epic in the process. Their expansive rock sound is brought together in style on latest album Reanimated Voices – a stream can also be found at the bottom of this review.

By Jane Howkins

Reanimated Voices opens with Chemicals, a track that presents Darkfield’s sound nicely. The intro guitar melody is expansive and dreamy, especially when it mixes with the huge percussion sound. The track drops down into a lighter melody after a while, before building back up again into a heavy metal song, complete with blinding riffs and masses of energy.

Silver Hand has an electronic intro, adding another element to the band’s sound. This melody bubbles along in the background as little guitar motifs are added, haunting in their beauty. More and more layers are added, until the track kicks into heavy metal mode proper.

A World Without contains a beautiful piano intro which has an introspective theme. One of the things I liked about this record is that the proggy nature of Darkfield’s music helps to create amazing images in the mind, and this track is no different. The guitar lines complement the piano perfectly, with a drum sound that wouldn’t be out of place in an epic film score.

Copacetic is a little similar to the previous song in terms of the light melodies and drum style, although the melodies are largely played on a clean electric guitar instead of a piano, with some bubbling synths added along the way. The track ends in a huge burst of heavy energy, changing things up a little.

Divided is another piano driven song, although it has a much more positive vibe than A World Without. The addition of the synths, guitars and percussion helps to make the music sound truly epic, being almost anthemic at times – something quite hard to do on an instrumental piece! The song drops down to just the piano, before some amazing strings appear, sounding truly divine. This was my favourite song on the album.

The Missing Piece is a little more stripped-back, having more of a minimalist vibe to it. The track is fairly soft at times, with gorgeous piano and guitar lines running through it. Some vocal effects are added, although they’re not really ‘true’ vocal lines, instead adding atmosphere to the song.

Control has some gorgeous swirling synth effects, making it all sound very mystical. There’s some really interesting percussion on this track, occurring before the driving riffs and huge drum beats kick in, before the song drops back into a quieter mode. The music picks up again towards the end, sounding truly apocalyptic.

World Eater starts with a tribal-esque drum beat, signalling what is to come later on in the track. It builds up before dropping off into a spacey dream-pop atmosphere, before the heavy riffs appear again. It’s a great closing song.

Instrumental music isn’t for everyone, but Darkfield have created something truly amazing on Reanimated Voices. Whilst the music is heavy at times, it’s also extremely beautiful, seeing the band creating captivating soundscapes full of imagination over the course of the record.

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