EP Review: AUXR – Suite Of Flow

Dutch musician AUXR (real name Auke Riemersma) is an interesting one. His music is simply captivating, including several different genres on his latest experimental EP, Suite Of Flow. He’s been making music for over a decade now, and hopefully this latest EP will help to propel him into the bigtime, as it’s just that good!

By Jane Howkins

Suite Of Flow starts with the song Canada, which has a fantastic production quality, with the little elements in the song building up as it progresses on. It opens with an eerie synth melody, bubbling under the surface of the song as strings and a huge percussive beat are added. The drums sound massive and the combination of strings and the percussion reminded me a little of Tori Amos’ more experimental side, particularly the song Juarez.

Dope starts with some layered strings, as well as some intriguing backing effects, drawing the listener in slowly before those fantastic drums start up once again. The track has a dreamy and contemplative side to it, sounding quite beautiful at times, especially as the strings build up into a haunting crescendo.

Enjoy The Sounds is the only song of the three that contains vocals, although they’re still rather minimalist, having more of a rhythmic nature about them. The bass is very prominent on this song, working with the percussion into a fantastic rhythm section. The backing effects are a little discordant at times, but this suits the track well, especially with the eerie strings that appear every so often.

Suite Of Flow is an amazing piece of work from AUXR – I love the experimental side to his sound and the tracks here have a lush, layered quality to them, which makes it all seem very atmospheric!

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