EP Review: Abrasive Trees – Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Sunflowers

Abrasive Trees is a unique and interesting project started in Totnes, Devon. I’m always on the lookout for new music, especially music that is a little different from the norm, and I certainly found it on Abrasive Trees’ new EP, Moulding Heaven With Earth/Keli Sends Sunflowers!

The EP contains two tracks proper (both mentioned in the title of the EP), as well as a remix of the first song by Mark Beazley.

By Jane Howkins

Moulding Heaven With Earth opens with a gorgeous strummed acoustic guitar melody, also including Eastern elements with what sounds like a sitar playing at times. This instrumentation continues in a dreamy fashion, as spoken word vocals appear, opening the music up nicely. It soon changes, introducing some haunting electric guitar lines, overlapping each other in perfect harmony. Percussion is added as the music slowly builds up, drawing the listener into Abrasive Trees’ dreamy post-rock world, ending in a holy crescendo of sounds.

Kali Sends Sunflowers continues some of the themes from the previous song, introducing some pretty electric guitar melodies, before the vocals appear. The vocals are sung this time, matching the guitars nicely as the song progresses on until the full instrumentation appears, turning the music more into a hard rock song. Abrasive Trees rock out for a while, before the intro begins again, turning the music full circle.

Moulding Heaven With Earth (Mark Beazley Remix) is a remix of the first track, starting out with a buzzy, feedback loop, instead of the acoustic guitars present on the original version. The music is rather different this time around – whilst it does follow the basic movements set out in Moulding Heaven With Earth, it has a much fuller sound, with some huge percussion setting the scene nicely, as the spoken vocals are repeated on occasion. Both versions have their merits and are both well worth checking out.

Abrasive Trees are doing something very different here, which should be lauded. It won’t be for everyone, but those into their experimental rock/post-rock should check this out!

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