EP Review: Audri – Mechanic High

Audri is a singer-songwriter with a unique singing style, creating music that is probably best described as being within the pop-rock genre, although there are a few different styles on display here, on her new EP, Mechanic High.

By Jane Howkins

Mechanic High features just three songs, leaving you wanting for more as the EP closes off. The first track is titled Euphoria, perfectly named as it really does leave you with a feeling of euphoria as the track progresses. Little Eastern style guitar lines play over the various intros and instrumental parts, before the track kicks in properly. Audri’s vocals suit the music well, with the chorus building the adrenaline up in time.

Runaway Rabbit is a slower track, although it still has a beat to it. The little guitar melodies weave their way in and out of the song alongside Audri’s vocals, until the chorus appears, having a certain urgency to it as Audri’s voice soars. The chords used on this track sound amazing, perfectly crafted within Audri’s beautiful songwriting.

Pasture Lullaby is possibly the slowest track on the EP, this time starting off with a pretty piano melody, which has a jazzy sound to it. It changes the vibe of the EP somewhat, but it sounds perfect, helping to accentuate Audri’s vocals perfectly. It certainly is a lullaby of sorts, also having a musical theatre vibe at times.

Mechanic High is a great EP from a new and upcoming artist, able to create music for a wide variety of different genres. I’m excited to see where Audri goes next time around!

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