EP Review: Cris Cap – Feel The Love (feat. Tyla Rae)

Cris Cap is a German based songwriter and pianist who uses a multitude of different genres within his music, including jazz, pop, soul and r&b. He released a small EP at the end of June called Feel The Love – whilst there are only three songs on this EP, it leaves you wanting more, due to Cris’ funky style.

By Jane Howkins

Title track Feel The Love is the first song on the EP, also featuring Tyla Rae on vocals. Both sets of vocals pair together nicely, adding a different feel to the music. The track is very groovy, harking back to the glory days of the 70s and 80s, featuring a funky bass beat that just won’t quit! The rhythm is upbeat, making you want to dance along in style as the song progresses! The opening synth line is also very catchy!

Like A Rose is the next track up, also featuring Tyla Roe with her sultry vocal tone. It’s a slower song, having more of a classic r&b vibe to it, alongside the clear jazz elements. The piano really stands out here, working well alongside the synths and amazing percussion style. Both Tyla and Cris’ vocals are used here, with each voice singing different sections of the track.

Like A Rose (Acoustic Version) is, as you might have guessed, an acoustic alternative of the previous song. The track retains its jazzy quality, but it’s stripped down, with the piano having more of a focus. The percussion is still there, but it’s a little lighter than before. This version isn’t too different from the original, but the change of pace is welcome and works well.

I really love the way that Cris Cap combines so many different genres together on these songs. He’s obviously got a bit of a jazz piano background, but the music manages to remain undoubtedly funky, so fans of pop and funk should also check out Feel The Love.

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